A la conquete du Gondogoro
Conquering the Gondogoro


Cette page resume le trek effectué au Pakistan l'ete 1999 /
This page describes the trek done in summer 1999


L'equipe / The group

Laurent (me) Jean-Christophe Florence

Laurent (me)





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    Film perso monté / Edited movie
    "Au coeur du Baltoro" @Siou Pictures

Trek route

Carte de l'itineraire
Map of the trekking route



Courbes d'altitude / Altitude profile

Dans les pages du compte rendu, quelques etapes montrent les variations d'altitude pendant la journée. Toutes les altitudes ont ete calées sur une pression de 1013mb au niveau de la mer. Ajouter 50m par beau temps et retirer la meme valeur par mauvais temps.
Some trekking stages contain a graph showing the variation of the altitude during the walk or the jeep journey. Data have been recorded by a Vector-Suunto with a standard pressure of 1013mb at sea level. To correct roughtly, up to 50m must be added when good weather where it must be subtracted when the weather turned bad.


Quelques chiffres / Key details

Durée totale: 31 jours
Durée du trek: 21 jours
Altitude max: 5400 m
Amplitude: +4000 m / -4000 m minimum
Neige tombée: 50 cm
Température: 35°C (Islamabad) -10°C (Alicamp)
Nombre d'heures de jeep: 30 h
km en jeep: 1800 km
Conduite pendant 22h d'affilé
Nombre de photos : 400
Une éclipse partielle, plus de 10 fois plus d'étoiles visibles sur place.
Un des plus longs glaciers parcouru.
Nombre de TUC avalés: 100
Pour couronner le tout, on a vu notre avion partir sous notre nez (overbooking)
et... pas de bagage a l'arrivée !

31 days From Lyon (France) to Lyon.
21 days trekking.
160 km long.
One of the longest glacier in the world (Baltoro) almost fully covered.
Maximum altitude reached: 5400m.
At least 4000m up and 4000m down.
About 50 cm of snow fallen.
Temperature from more than 35C (Islamabad) down to less than -10C (Ali camp).
One partial solar eclipse seen at Concordia.
More then 10 times more stars seen (reference: countryside in France)
30h of jeep on more than 1800 km of ripped trails.
22h continuous drive along the KKH from Rawalpinidi up to Skardu.
More than 400 pictures.
More than 100 TUCs eaten ;-)
No seat available in our skeduled plane to return to France (Overbooking of British Airways).
And the best for the end: Our baggage had some rest for 2 days at London Heathrow airport. Mine even did a return trip Lyon-Toulouse (cities in France)...


Evolution de la composition du groupe / Groupe composition evolution:

37 members
5 foreigners (2 german guys doing the same trek started with us), 2 guides,
1 cultural guide, 2 cooks, 1 assistant cook, 26 porters.
Ali camp:
10 members
3 foreigners, 1 guide, 1 cultural guide, 1 cook (previously the assistant cook),
4 porters.
4 members
3 foreigners, 1 guide.

Seuls 2 porteurs ont fait tout le trek avec nous / 2 porters only made the full trek

Durée de marche par jour / Duration of trekking in one day
(lunch break NOT included):

Minimum: 2h
Maximum: 8h30


Nous avons organisé notre trek avec Mountain Travel Pakistan (MTP), une agence que je recommande pour son serieux.

We organized our trek with Mountain Travel Pakistan (MTP), a small agency lead by people from Ballistan. It has officies in Skardu and Islamabad. This is one of the only companies that accepted our requirements especially regarding the route and the schedule. The services provided were as espected regardless of unpredictable factors (such as weather changes for example), and thanks to efforts from the manager to offer us an enjoyable trek and the choice of an excellent guide (Ghulam Abbas), we spent a full month of great adventure. Should you make a trek in the region, you can trust MTP to organize for you the kind of travel you want, where you want.

Email: lsft@free.fr

: 10-20-2004