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Taken during my 1993 trip to Tokyo, Hokkaido, and middle Japan.
A dozen of pictures out of more than 1200...

Miyajima Island

Une des plus belles iles du Japon prises pendant la floraison des cerisiers.

One of the most beautiful place in Japan (they say.. But it true it is not bad).

Top of Miyajima Island Mont Fuji (Fuji San)
These pictures come mainly from video I have taken thanks to friends. Shibuya (Tokyo)
Shukkeien Garden Shukkeien Garden Shinkansen (Tokyo-hakata)
Asahidake (top) At the top of Asahidake in Hokkaido.
A nice nice view from the highest mountain in Hokkaido which is also a volcano.

Me in a traditional posture


Premier voyage reel au bout du monde dans un coin perdu de Chine aux confins des hauts plateaux: Le park de Juizhaigou.
First trip far away from usual routes inside China: The Juizhaigou park.

Le park est connu pour les cascades d'eau claire. Elles se situent au bout d'un voyage de 450km et l'altitude oscille entre 2700m et 3200m.

Many waterfalls may be seen in this natural park in the heart of central China near the Tibet border. At the time I went there, I had to take a bus and do 450km between mountains as high as over 5000m. The bottom of the valley is at 2700m but you must cross a valley above 3200m to reach this point.


L'eau si claire fait du park une attraction exceptionnelle, un paysage Canadien au coeur de la Chine.

Another picture in the park. The water is so clear that it is possible to follow a fish more than 15m deep. The trees at the bottom of the lake on the picture are several meter below the surface.


Great Wall at Mutianyu

The countryside near Xiping in south China. The region has the typical carstic landscape which is almost a unique place on earth.

On the road to Xiping

A temple along the way to Juizhaigou. At the time of the^picture, only a few foreigner have been welcomed in this temple.

Somewhere near Tibet

A pass at 4200 m

Au coeur de la Chine, un haut col a 4200m avec quelques sommets de plus de 5000m.
A high pass (4200m) heading towards naturals park. The summits in the background are above 5000m and are snow capped due to recent snow falls.

High plateau at 3800 m



Un mois passé entre octobre et novembre 1997 a HongKong
I spent 1 month in october - november 1997. The first noticable thing since my 1993 trip is the large increase of buildings all around the city. On the right, Nathan Road looking Nord.

Les buildings de Hong Kong.
Below the Tsimshatsui Garden. In the backgrounf, skyscrapers of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong (1997) Vue Generale (Nov 1997).
Near the top of Hong Kong Island (Nov 1997)
The new Hong Kong Exhibition Center. Behind is one of the highest building of Hong Kong.

Kai Tak Airport in the middle of the city. Here a B747 landing. The airport is now closed.


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