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 Summer 1997 : Cirque de Gavarnie / Gavarnie Area

Mythm and legend around the 'Breche de Roland':

Mythes et legendes sur la 'Breche de Roland'

Breche de Roland

Refuge Le Taillon

Aout 1997: La Breche de Roland

August 1997: La Breche de Roland clearly visible on the center picture were I stand at the bottom is located at the top of 'Le Cirque de Gavarnie' (both side pictures).


Le 'Cirque de Gavarnie' is probably the most popular area in the Pyrennees due to its300m high water fall. The water is coming from a lake behind the edge of the picture, spings out a few hundreds meters below the place the picture has been taken, and jumps into the 2000 m deep valley in several stages. The last one is 300 m. The rock face can not be seen here as the last part is almost vertical.

'La hourquette de Heas' is small pass near the Spain border. Coming from this green valley, you discover at the highest peak of Pyrennees. Heas 'La Hourquette de Heas', joli col pres de la frontiere espagnole.





Summer 98 (Escalade / Climbling)

Pic des 3 Conseillers / Pic Long



The longest climb I have ever done till now:
The lenght of the climb is around 900m for a 500m altitude difference. The approach is a 2 hour walk around the lake 'Cap Long'. After a short climb in the boulders, the ascent begins. The level of the climb is quite easy (not more than 4) but long (around 20 relays).

On the picture, one of my compagnon is clearly visible on the left side standing on a ridge 50 m below me.

It took us the full day from 5am to 9pm to start from the dam (a few km away) and return to it for the night. The climb itseft was around 7h. We were 6 people, some of them had lunch in the middle of the way.

The view from the summit is impressive. We can clearly se the dam (where we come from) and part of the Neouvielle Natural Park.

The summit reaches approximately the elevation of 3000m and is close to the Neouvielle Peak.

At this point we are only half way. Now is the descent that is quite dangerous due to the proximity of the high clives of the Neouvielle Peak.

The descent is step and was with deep snow, this part being in the shadow almost all daytime.