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I am a 41 year old single guy. I like people who involve themselves in personal challenging activities. In 3 words, just for fun !
If you want to get to know, you won't lose anything taking your chance by dropping an email ...
My main hobbies are mountain climbing, electronics, travels and computer science. Euh... The background picture is NOT me, but I like it ;-) !


Un peu plus sur moi ? Je suis un grand garcon ;-) vivant dans les Alpes pres de Grenoble.
Allez voir un peu ou je vis. Que dire de plus ? L'essentiel est dans cette page. A vous de trouver !

More about me ? Well, I am French. I live in the Alps near Grenoble.
Take a look where I live ... What else to say ? About my life ? Just look on this page and you may find, but probably not enter ! Good luck and drop a mail if you want.



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